You have strategies to execute roadmaps to deliver numbers to hit
We help you make that happen

You have

strategies to execute roadmaps to deliver numbers to hit

We help you make that happen

We’re the partner every high-tech startup needs
to grow, scale, and make an impact


What are you looking for?

Want to START

From idea to reality

You dreamt up and started your company because you have something that others don’t: a game-changing offering, cutting-edge technology, the ability to disrupt.

Now it’s time to move out of the idea stage. That’s where we come in.

At STARTING UP, we partner with visionary entrepreneurs and startups to help them build their company’s culture and HR infrastructure for success. High-tech leaders count on us to find and place the right people in the right positions, so they can build their company into what they dreamed of.

Want to SCALE

Take it to the next level

As a company grows, it’s easy for its leadership to feel stretched thin. There’s even a name for it: growing pains.

We’re the partner your business needs to continue achieving, delivering, and moving forward when you have too many balls in the air.

We do that through our profound understanding of organizations and people and the magic that can happen when the right match is made. By placing a dedicated STARTING UP team member within your organization, we free you to move beyond the day to day and focus on making your mark.

You Are In Good Company

Hi! It’s nice to meet you :)

We’re that partner high-tech companies don’t even know they need. We’re passionate about helping the most innovative, forward-thinking startups achieve their goals—and beyond—in ways they couldn’t even imagine possible on their own.

We founded STARTING UP after decades in human resources, recruiting, and talent acquisition at leading high-tech companies, sourcing agencies, and separate independent consultancies. In 2020, we joined forces to bring our extensive experience and expertise to even more high-tech startups and job seekers.

Our approach

Proprietary methodology

Our methodology combines our expertise in talent acquisition and HR for a holistic, well-rounded view that ensures alignment between people and culture.

Professional focus

We work with high-tech startups tackling complex challenges using the most sophisticated technologies. Our unique understanding of your workflow and pace enables us to set you up for success.

Partnership & ownership

We’re not just recruiters or HR consultants. We’re your partner on this exhilarating startup journey, here to help you create the organization you need to achieve what you set out to do.


We’re matchmakers. We look at people and chemistry to find the ultimate match that will help companies meet goals, deliver results, and get ahead.

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